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To engage, empower, and educate those interested in Asian American and Pacific Islander issues

Founded in 2011 by the three major universities of North Carolina’s Research Triangle (Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University),  the Triangle-Area Asian American Student Conference (TAASCON) brings together students from all over the state. As an annual conference with workshops, keynote speakers, and more, TAASCON provides a platform for individuals to actively address issues relevant to the Asian American community and cultivate the next steps to initiate social change.

The theme for TAASCON 2018 is Resisting, Reclaiming, Reconciling. This theme invites and encourages participants to think more deeply and critically about their own narrative and the ways in which it is shaped by the past, present, and future. We recognize the importance in acknowledging Asian American experiences as ever-evolving and non-linear. There comes a time in many of our lives when we begin to resist the pressures imposed upon us by society as well as question the validity of our own actions onto other marginalized groups. But through this process, we start to reclaim our identities and cultivate a community built around empathy, compassion, and change. And only by delving into and reconciling with our histories — coming to terms with not only our oppressions, but also our privileges — can we begin to understand our anger, our empowerment, and everything in between. The people we encounter, the spaces we occupy, and the sentiments we share with each other ultimately allow us to understand how complex our stories really are. As we deconstruct how the personal is political and how the political is personal, we hope to navigate our growth as we resist, reclaim, and reconcile with our Asian American identities.

Resisting: the oppressions we give and receive

Reclaiming: the identities we develop and transform

Reconciling: the histories we learn and experience


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